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Year Paper Author Link
2008 Mediation Is Not Just About Settling Catherine Aird Download
2008 Conflict resolution strategies and organizational Citizenship behaviour John Oluwayinka AKINYEMI Download
2008 Mediation and ethics Marcel Alter Download
2008 Is mediation now a profession? David Ardagh Download
2008 The Potential for Culturally Responsive Family Dispute Resolution Susan Armstrong Download
2008 Transforming the landscape of mediation Hilary Astor Download
2008 Reading the Landscape of Power: How family dispute resolution practitioners understand power Becky Batagol Download
2008 Mediation - Transforming the Industrial Relations Landscape Anthony R. Beech Download
2008 Transforming the landscape. Family dispute resolution and family law reform - The first 1000 clients Andrew Bickerdike Download
2008 Bringing calm waters: a cross-cultural exploration of our role as peace-makers in helping to calm fears during negotiations Sarah Blake Download
2008 Global Frontiers in Dispute Resolution Laurence Boulle Download
2008 What's new in telephone mediation? Jessica Carter Download
2008 ADR for the long haul - A progressive model of conciliation in action Susan Cibau Download
2008 The changing technology landscape: Recent trends in online dispute resolution Melissa Conley Tyler Download
2008 Disappearing from the landscape? The prognosis for peace and conflict centres at Australian Universities Melissa Conley Tyler Download
2008 Compulsory mediation: prepared for the paradigm shift? Andrea Cotter-Moroz Download
2008 A re-commissioned independent umpire? Anna Lee Cribb Download
2008 Mediation and clinical negligence: Can mediation successfully address the objectives of clinical negligence claimants? Brenda Daly Download
2008 Dispute resolution in universities"systematic or automatic Danielle Dobinson Download
2008 Is there a different way following harm in health care? Anne Donaldson Download
2008 Mediator Neutrality: a model for practice Susan Douglas Download
2008 Working with high conflict clients Bill Eddy Download
2008 The impact of personality structure on mediation process and outcomes Jennifer A.Ellison Download
2008 Neutral evaluation and case appraisal: taking mediation further Geri Ettinger Download
2008 Professional mediator ethics: no need for neutrality in the age of accreditation Rachael Field Download
2008 Brining mindful awareness to transformative mediation: the role of the mediator Tom Fisher Download
2008 Conflict management in an operational environment: a force multiplier Chris K. Ford Download
2008 Mediation and collective bargaining in New Zealand Peter Franks Download
2008 Franchising conflict - towards greater understanding and effective resolution Jeff Giddings Download
2008 Values and purpose in mediation Ian Goodhardt Download
2008 Transforming the landscape of agriculture with mediation Francis J.F. Handy Download
2008 National Ethical Guidelines for mediators Ian Hanger Download
2008 Transforming mediation training: a model of best practice for coaching students in mediation role plays Samantha Hardy Download
2008 Leading horses to water and making them drink compulsory dispute resolution in the Australian context Joe Harman Download
2008 Child focused and child inclusive practice Michele Harris Download
2008 Family law: procedural justice in the lawyer-client relationship and the course of the dispute resolution process Jill Howieson Download
2008 Changing the landscape through FDR and family violence organisatuional partnerships Walter Ibbs Download
2008 Addressing Difficulties at the preparatory stage: case studies for thought Bianca Keys Download
2008 The training boom for collaborative professionals: mediation as beneficiary Marion Korn Download
2008 Culture, change and creativity: mediating ourselves home Michelle LeBaron Download
2008 Bargaining in the shadow of the law and reality at the Victorian civil and administrative tribunal (VCAT) Susanne Liden Download
2008 Something’s Happening here: Resolving Complaints in the NSW Health Conciliation Registry Julia Lines Download
2008 Collaborative law overview - towards collaborative problem solving in business Robert Lopich Download
2008 Mediation for divorcing couples: Is compulsory a good idea? Deborah Macfarlane Download
2008 The new lawyer: moving from warrior to Conflict resolver Julie Macfarlane Download
2008 Counter-culturalism: an integrated problem solving approach to dispute resolution in the Australian defence organisation– the fairness and resolution centre Helen Marks Download
2008 Political and social/emotional competencies: new standards of mediator practice and professional development/td> Patricia Marshall Download
2008 The mediated organisation: engaging, managing and mediating transformative values/td> Peter Marshall Download
2008 Victim-offender Mediation in WA Tracey Marshall Download
2008 Mediator immunity: an update Emma Matthews Download
2008 Workplace Bullying: To mediate or not – now that’s a good question. Leah McLay Download
2008 Occurrence and management of conflicts in the Rift valley, Kenya. Michura Eliud Garry Download
2008 Intervention strategies in native title mediation Graeme Neate Download
2008 Cultural diversity, conflict resolution and the role of law Lola Akin Ojelabi Download
2008 Remodelling the mediation model: A discussion of process enhancements Franca Petrone Download
2008 Case studies in indigenous dispute resolution and conflict management Juanita Pope Download
2008 Strengthening the Health Manager Through Conflict Coaching Suzanne Rawlinson Download
2008 Diving with sharks: A mediator's quest for survival in uncharted waters Margaret Ross Download
2008 Transforming lawyer perspectives of their client's role in mediation: what mediators should know Olivia Rundle Download
2008 Taking the heat out of child disputes in the family court Mary Sankey Download
2008 The Victorian parliament law reform committee inquiry into alternative dispute resolution Johan Scheffer Download
2008 Neutrality and advocacy in collaborative practice: the roles of FDRP’s, mediators and coaches Marilyn Scott Download
2008 From Accreditation to Quality Mediation Practice – Next Steps? Tania Sourdin Download
2008 Mediation in the State Administrative Tribunal from alternative to mainstream a success story Maurice Spillane Download
2008 Grumpy clients and grumpier mediators: The power of 3 on FRC world. Can it work in mediation Lilia Szarski Download
2008 Breaking down the barriers: Cross Agency Co-Mediation Cara Takitimu Download
2008 Mediation: is it a matter of style or context? Robert Turner Download
2008 Impediments to successful mediation Seckin Ungur Download
2008 IMI Mediator Certification and Selection Scheme and Mediation Information Program Irena Vanenkova Download
2008 Persuasion in Negotiation and Mediation John Wade Download
2008 Using mediation to resolve complaints about the Australian intelligence community Ian Wells Download
2008 Buddhist Mediation: A Transformative Approach to Conflict Resolution Helena S. Y. Yuen Download


Year Paper/Presentation Author Link
2012 Has confidentiality in family dispute resolution reached its use-by date? Tom Altobelli Download
2012 Evaluative mediation -is it what clients want? Robert Angyal Download
2012 Med-arb in disputed child matters: an exploration of some relevant considerations Anne Ardagh Download
2012 Encouraging conversations about culture: Supporting culturally responsive FDR Susan Armstrong Download
2012 Taking the ‘Triple Zero’ out of workplace conflict -Practical approaches to conflict resolution in the Ambulance Service of NSW Lousie Ashelford Download
2012 Speediation: The challenges of resolving a dispute in an hour. Alex Azarov Download
2012 E-supported mediation: What do we learn from the field? Katalien Bollen Download
2012 Predictable Irrationality in Mediation Laurence Boulle Download
2012 Negotiation without “firearms”, does our Defence Force need special skills? Carol Bowen Download
2012 ACTION - REFLECTION - INNOVATION: do we practice what we preach? Mieke Brandon Download
2012 Assisting future lawyers to conceptualise their dispute resolution advocacy role Donna Cooper Download
2012 Unlocking the door: Rethinking approaches to determining the suitability of disputes for conciliation Lynne Coulson Barr Download
2012 Reaching for the stars: Encouraging reflection on practice. Strengthening Mediation Practice: Reflective Practice and Assessment Judy Dell Download
2012 Exploring Culture...the relevance of culture in mediation and the role of mediation in a multicultural society Andi Doerr Download
2012 How we learnt to use restorative language and practice to relate, think & learn together Lyn Doppler Download
2012 Responding appropriately to vulnerability in Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) Joana d'Orey Novo Download
2012 Mediation training: the facilitation artist (what works) Scott Dutton Download
2012 Managing High-Conflict Behaviours Bill Eddy Download
2012 Recent mediation initiatives in the family court & federal magistrates court Maurice Edwards Download
2012 Recognition and Respect in Australia: Using Mediation Principles to Measure our Progress as a Nation Mark England Download
2012 Can Specialised Family Mediation Prevent Elder Abuse in Australia? Ian Fletcher Download
2012 The effectiveness of the dispute settlement centre of Victoria in meeting client needs: implications for practice Glenice Fox Download
2012 Achieving better outcomes for children in legally assisted child inclusive mediation Michele Harris Download
2012 The Progress of Emotions in Conflict Management and Resolution: Implications for the Practice of Mediation. Chris Jefferys Download
2012 ADR/Mediation as a Nation Building Tool Ambeng Kandalkasi Download
2012 Working with the Malaysian Syariah Courts: Mediation Training Bianca Keys Download
2012 The portrayal of mediation through media Bianca Keys Download
2012 Dispute Resolution in Workers Compensation Sian Leathem Download
2012 READY, SET, LAUNCH! How to market your mediation business Megan Lewis Download
2012 Intercultural dialogue in complex multicultural communities Serge Loode Download
2012 Mediation Style Conferencing in Family Law Property Disputes - The Process and Requisite Skills Lorraine Lopich Download
2012 Obligatory Enmity Peter Marshall Download
2012 You agreed to do what???’ Reporting back to the new constituency Patricia Marshall Download
2012 “EMERGING DYNAMICS IN MEDIATION – new thinking, new practices, new relationships” Michael Mitchell Download
2012 Elder Mediation a New Phenomenon Amanda Molomby Download
2012 Motivational Interviewing Enhancing Family Dispute Resolution Megan Morris Download
2012 Knock, knock, knockin’ on HR’s door So you think you are being bullied –what happens next? Tony Newport Download
2012 Justice quality and accountability in mediation Mary Anne Noone Download
2012 Settings for Workplace Alternative Dispute Resolution in Australia Peter O'Brien Download
2012 Australia – emergence of a modern nation built on diversity and “fair go” Sev Ozdowski Download
2012 Gender Emergence in Negotiation-Practical Applications for Mediators Ganit Poleg-Spark Download
2012 A collaborative approach to mediating personal safety intervention orders Gina Ralston Download
2012 Mediating Workplace Disputes Pauline Roach Download
2012 'Shuttle in Family Mediation –Avoiding the Pitfalls’ Keith Roberts Download
2012 Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment-Using Intuition as a Guide Greg Rooney Download
2012 Centralizing Children's Needs in Cases of Family Violence Amanda Shea Hart Download
2012 Child Inclusive Practice in Family Violence Cases Amanda Shea Hart Download
2012 Agenda Setting in Mediation Helen Shurven Download
2012 Can Mediation Change Unfair Decisions? The Experience of Village Citizenship Disputes in China Li Tingting Download
2012 A posthumous pardon for Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant –Mediation practice through relationship building between petitioner and the British and Australian Governments –mediated settlement versus conflict escalation James Unkles Download
2012 Alternate Dispute Resolution at Roads and Maritime Services Download
2012 Nature of Conflict Download
2012 Resolve Advisors Download
2012 Preventing conflict, managing change, increasing productivity –the fifth dimension Download
2012 Transitional Justice: Moving from Conflict to Peace Download


Year Abstract Author Link
2014 Exploring additional credentialing of the Victorian mediator Nussen Ainsworth Download
2014 Ethical Challenges for Mediators Lola Akin Ojelabi Download
2014 REAL Conflict Coaching™: Supporting your client to develop their inner hero! Nadja Alexander Download
2014 Facilitating children’s right to enjoy their culture in family dispute resolution Susan Armstrong Download
2014 Good Practice Guidance for Responding to Cultural Diversity in Family Mediation Susan Armstrong Download
2014 Legal Aid Launceston -A Unique FDR Model forHigh Conflict Parenting Disputes. Christine Arnott Download
2014 Mediating or investigating: similarities and differences in techniques and outcomes Sven Bakich Download
2014 “Who’s sitting in my chair?” –Self-reflective practice for conflict resolution professionals Cate Banks Download
2014 Finding the Balance –Diversity and Standards in Training Janet Lynne Barnes Download
2014 Consensus building research at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Toni Bauman Download
2014 The World Game: Mediation in a Culturally Diverse Sport Miguel Belmar Download
2014 Internationalising Mediation: Managing jurisdictional diversity Laurence Boulle Download
2014 Losses in FDR: how to manage change and create hope Mieke Brandon Download
2014 Rebalancing Power and Culture: The diversity challenge in Alternative Dispute Resolution Morgan Brigg Download
2014 Legal and ethical issues in mediating elder disputes Elizabeth Brophy Download
2014 The cost of litigation on business participants –strengthening the case for ADR Geoff Browne Download
2014 “What’s said in the room ...”: reflections on conflict coaching practice David Bryson Download
2014 Diverse powers: A conciliation hypothetical David Bryson Download
2014 Competitive mediation: Teaching today’s lawyers to be the best collaborators Naomi Burstyner Download
2014 Comparing the East Timorese Practice of Nahi Bitiwith the LEADR Mediation Model Sam Carroll-Bell Download
2014 Elder Mediation Research: exploring the benefits of diversity in discipline and method Robyn Carroll Download
2014 Collaborative Law and its Interaction with Mediation in Hong Kong Kay Chan Download
2014 New Ways for Families:Teaching high-conflict parents decision-making skills for mediation Bradley Chenoweth Download
2014 Dialogue, Leadership and Strategy - One day workshop Bradley Chenoweth Download
2014 Family Dispute Resolution for One FDR-1 John Cleary Download
2014 Are Outcomes More Important than Process in Partie’s Perception of Fairness? Peter Condliffe Download
2014 Challenges in Professional Identity Development as a Mediator Anne Conway Download
2014 Legal issues for family dispute resolution practitioners Donna Cooper Download
2014 The Defence Abuse Restorative Engagement Program Robert Cornall AO Download
2014 Inclusive approaches and universal design for disputes involving people with a disability Lynne Coulson Barr Download
2014 Coach, Compliance Officer or Peacemaker?: Responding to expectations and practice issues in Statutory ADR Lynne Coulson Barr Download
2014 To mediate or not? The Fair Work Commission’s new anti-bullying jurisdiction Anna Lee Cribb Download
2014 What Mediators Can Do For Our Workplaces Caryn Cridland Download
2014 Between Diversity and Chaos: Managing Negotiation in Complex Environment Moty Cristal Download
2014 Queensland Adult Guardian’s informal dispute resolution forend of life disputes Katherine Curnow Download
2014 Tools to raise your vibration, find inner peace and create magic moments in mediation Jackie Curran Download
2014 Maximising Self Determination–Deal or No Deal Jim Cyngler Download
2014 Cross sector perspectives on complaint handling and dispute resolution Loraine Dartnell Download
2014 Is diversity of practice weakening the mediation brand? Kerrie Davis Download
2014 Everyone’s a winner –diverting civil disputes from the court room to mediation Bridget Dixon Download
2014 Shaping Lawyer’s Professional Identity Through the Teaching of ADR Kathy Douglas Download
2014 The Potential of Procedural Justice in Mediation: A Study Into Mediators Understandings Kathy Douglas Download
2014 Reflective practice in family dispute resolution practice: an empirical study Susan Douglas Download
2014 Crossing the line: misleading conduct, ‘privilege’ and good faith in mediation Andrew Downie Download
2014 A Youth Koori Court for NSW: Rationale and process Sue Duncombe Download
2014 Stories of survival and success: the role of diversification for independent mediation training providers Scott Dutton Download
2014 New Ways for Families:Teaching high-conflict parents decision-making skills for mediation Bill Eddy Download
2014 High Conflict Behaviours: Understanding and managing them in Mediation Bill Eddy Download
2014 The Ebb and Flow of Mediation in Italy Mark England Download
2014 From child-inclusion to child-informed FDR –Rationale and practice challenges Ann Farnell Download
2014 Generational differences and workplace mediation Zandy Fell Download
2014 The Power of Mediation Skills in Conflicts About Elder Decision-Making in the Guardianship Regime Julie Ford Download
2014 One day workshop - Winning From Within Erica Ariel Fox Download
2014 The Diversity Within Erica Ariel Fox Download
2014 Short Mediations and Hearings in the Civil Claims List at VCAT, Joint problem solving in action Emma Fray Download
2014 Compulsory conferences in VCAT Rebecca French Download
2014 Will you really stick to our agreement? Gerard Garson Download
2014 Less paper, More talking: Creating a more effective dispute resolution process Sofie Georgalis Download
2014 Tips and traps for Family Lawyers advising in Children’s Matters and FDR Susan Hamilton-Green Download
2014 How and why we make decisions –Applying Behavioural Economics thinking to Dispute Resolution Nina Harding Download
2014 From Alternate to Primary Dispute Resolution: The pivotal role of mediation in (and in avoiding) litigation Joe Harman Download
2014 Helping parties shift their own goalposts: ‘improving’ interests Phillip Hart Download
2014 How engagement can help your client relinquish the need to be right Bill Hewlett Download
2014 FDR, confidentiality and diversity: Impacting FDR for different cultures and vulnerable clients Jen Hitchman Download
2014 Mediation involving people with disabilities Graeme Innes Download
2014 No Wound Without a Scar: Defining Success in Mediation Chris Jefferys Download
2014 Good, better, best –reviewing minor civil dispute mediation at QCAT Peter Johnstone Download
2014 Mediation and Development: The theory and practice of court-based mediation in PNG Craig Jones Download
2014 Conflict Resolution in the Auckland Refugee Population Anet Kate Download
2014 Family Business Advisory –the great greenfields challenge? Jon Kenfield Download
2014 Facilitation –Effective group meetings and smart group decisions. Is this related to ADR as we know it? Shirli Kirschner Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download
2014 Mediating in the Virtual World: Training and Mediating on Line Linda Kochanski Download


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